“My Assignment is to Teach Preachers How to Setup Streams of Passive Income”

“It’s hard to focus on your ministry when your finances are in turmoil… It’s hard to take care of yourself and your family when you’re broke… But I can help you fix that!”

“My name is Bishop Jackie Wilson and each week, preachers are seeking me out ‘in the dark’ to discuss the financial stresses they’re dealing with… Many don’t have health insurance and can’t provide adequate care for their wife and kids. Many others are losing their houses and the church to foreclosure. And some are concerned about having their cars repossessed right off the church parking lot.

But all is NOT lost…In just 3-6 months from now, you can have multiple streams of passive income flowing your way… I help preachers all over the country setup passive streams of income with a simple business model that can provide them and their family with:

  • a regular monthly income so they’re free to minister and take care of their family
  • a reserve for unexpected emergencies — or luxuries…
  • a lifelong income that supports them (even if the church throws them out…)
  • an immediate cash-flow of money ‘at-will’ once it gets setup

Play the video below to discover how pastors are achieving extraordinary financial independence and the freedom to go out and do God’s work!

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